Cladding repairs and roof spraying on our garage

Our garage was starting to look a bit beat up so I contacted a local company who I have mentioned before called Spray Clad. They offer an excellent cladding repair service. It’s something we have needed doing for a while so when we got the budget for it I jumped at the chance. It ended up not being that expensive so I got the roof spraying package as well. The guys came and talked me through what was going to happen and then got to work.

They were 100% professional from the word go, not only did they do fantastic job but they left the garage tidier than they found it! They will do for me.

Keeping the garage in good condition is hard as there is constant activity, cars and lorries coming in and out all day. The fumes from the engines and the oil leaves stains on the walls and ceilings. It’s a tough job to keep clean. The inside of a garage people expect to be a bit dirty but having the outside of the building looking clean and tidy is essential these days. Some people won’t even come into the car park if the outside of your place looks a mess.

Customers have already commented how nice the place looks so it was money well spent in my opinion. I will be using them again in the future.

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